Signal Private Messenger and Keep Key Client


Hi. The two extensions that are causing me to keep using Chrome are Signal and the Keep Key Client, (also Metamask, but I see that’s already been requested).

If these can be added to Brave, then I can stop using Chrome.

Thank you.


What’s the difference between the KeepKey Client app & KeppKey Launcher app

@patrick99e99 what is your opinion on Ledger Wallet Bitcoin and its other crypto currency apps?


@patrick99e99 Signal Desktop will soon be no longer dependent on chrome/chromium. It is in the process of being redeveloped as cross platform electron app.


Great to hear that! Thanks.


Oh-- weird. That is a good question. I only have the KeepKey client installed on my machine, as that was what the hardware device told me to do. When I look at those, all I could see is that the Client is a Chrome App, while the Launcher is an extension. The Client is newer, from March of this year ( version 4.2), and the Launcher is from January (version 4.0)… So seems like they moved away from the extension, but left it in the store (weird).


Also… no real opinion on Ledger Wallet bitcoin, as I have not used it.


Thanks for reply.

In regards of the app and extension, the older one are usually the defunct ones. It’s just annoying the web store is always bloated with unnecessary apps. I imagine the developers can’t remove it from the store once its uploaded.
It’s like uBlock, It would be best if somehow Google were to understand that uBlockOrigin is the latest one and the other one has been defunct for sometime and would be best if all its users were to switch to that one instead with a warning so the older one can be removed.


Just out of curiosity, has KeepKey been your first and best use of a form of storage (not just for cold storage) and is its hardware essential for storage because I was wondering whether they had a bitcoin wallet that you can use if you don’t really need cold storage.


its worth noting here also that Wire, a very similar application to signal, has a desktop app that is just awesome. Its worth looking into it.


Please consider this one:

For me is very important signal messenger.


hey there,

its been ages since i been apart of the forums, and snooping around…

the private chat thing here, is the idea to be like implemented apart of the Brave Browser? so say like you and i can have chats while we browse and look at sites etc?

if that is the case i think it is very cool and a great idea even in a group environment…
might help the developers see what we see and are talking about…

i like the idea of the discord app but its not a built in browser chat that we can turn on or off and make private chats

with say private chatrooms

take care


which one looks better, Signal Private Messenger or Keybase Chat? I’m for the latter :wink:

Keybase - A secure chat button for every profile