Sign out of Brave?

I need to have my computer repaired, so I’m trying to sign out of accounts. I have a lot info in Brave and do not trust service people. How do I sign out? If I delete Brave and later reinstall will the info still be there? Or can I password protect my Brave, so only I have access? I’m not sure I have an account.

Sign out of what? Brave only has an account for if you purchased things like VPN or other premium services.

If you’re asking about not letting things like autofill and/or bookmarks show, the only way that can happen is if you completely delete it. If you’re looking to do a backup, you’d need to go to password manager and then choose to export passwords. Then to bookmarks manager to do the same. You’d need to put that on an external drive when you export.

That said, I’m going to be blunt, even if you delete stuff now, it wouldn’t necessarily be gone. Deleted files can be easily found and restored if someone is wanting to look for them. And when you ask about things like password protecting Brave, that wouldn’t even necessarily matter as they’ll have your device and would be able to copy anything on your drive if they desired.

To better explain, any time we delete anything from our devices, all it does is remove it from us seeing it. However the information remains until eventually it’s overwritten. If you have a lot of storage, it can be a very long time (if ever) that the data gets overwritten naturally. There are programs you can use, such as Recuva, which can search for these hidden files and allow you to restore them if you want.

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