Sign in to Google Account-account already on device


I went to a payment page to buy something online and clicking the card holder’s name box up popped a Brave small dialogue box/hunt saying to access google saved cards, sign in to Brave.

Clicking this link opens a screen asking to confirm my device pin/fingerprint, then to sign in to my Google account. After entering my account name, it says this account is already on this device.

Is this supposed to be working, or has the page triggered something in Brave that isn’t ready?

1.0.37 on Android 7.1.2


Hi @dancedar

It almost sounds to me to be related to Autofill. If you go to menu > Settings > Autofill and payments, do you have autofill enabled? Furthermore, do you have anything in Addresses or Cards?



I’m sure it is autofil, I have it enabled but no data set in Brave. Is this something in the works to sync with Google account on Android?


Interesting, not sure on this one @dancedar

Do you see this every time or just that once?


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