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Hello Again! I have very big problem, when im try to register on the github i get crash, i don’t know where i can find crash report, i downloaded today new version brave web browser, and i try to comment this spell check post on the github, when i try to login to github, web browser just get closed, on the register is working correctly, i have one more question, how many we must wait for repair spell check, its very annoying. Thanks :wink:

Platform: Windows 7
Type: 64x bit
Ram : 4 GB
Service Pack 1
Its laptop ;__;
I hope this can help more. I can check too in other pc if this can help.


To don’t start new topic, i have one more info for spell checking, maybe this is because i have English platform? on The language bar i have selected polish but this is english system and i have all in english because i’m thinking " English System its always better " :smiley: I hope this can help too, because some persons tell me " We don’t have this problem ".


Hi @jasiuytpolska,

Could you please also tell us what version of Brave you have and tell the Shield settings you have for the particular site (click on the lion icon in the upper-right to find out)?



This is screenshot from shield settings:
0.16.6 version.


Thanks. In your OP you mentioned you could check another PC. That would be great information to have. Could you please check and let us know what happens along with the other PC information such as Operating System, Brave Version, etc?


Ok All informations:
Platform : windows 7
Ram: 5 GB
Service Pack : none
Type: 64x Bit
All work correctly on this other pc, im don’t get crash.
Version of Brave Browser: 0.16.6
Shield settings its this same, on this other pc i have default settings, on my main pc i have only changed language to polish.
I Hope this informations can help :slight_smile:


I have one more question to don’t create new topic, did on this browser its option to chceck history? i don’t see any option like " History "


@jasiuytpolska creating new topics for different items is probably best to keep things organized :slight_smile:


@jasiuytpolska as I responded in this topic, with regards to spellcheck, the issue is already being tracked on Github. :slight_smile: Correcting Words


@jasiuytpolska Could you please update to the hotfix 0.16.9 and check if you still face the issue?


All work fine ! Thanks <3 Good support

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