Sign in issues and 400 type error

Facing serious sign in issues with the browser
Cannot sign into my gmail acc. and also I’m unable to open any Google related websites (shows redirected too many times)
Tried clearing cookies, browsing data but still the same.
Also tried allowing all cookies still not working…
Any suggestions?

Hi and welcome. Try this:

ISSUE: 400 Error w/ Various Google Services
Preferred Workaround: Disable Enable First Party Ephemeral Storage in brave://flags

Other Workarounds if needed (if above doesn’t work):
Workaround: Google Services/Logins No longer work with Brave - #2 by Mattches

More involved workaround below. Try this if neither of the above workarounds work.
Cannot Login/Error 400 posted by @289wk

Note that we do have a fix for this in the works that should resolve this issue without having to disable Ephemeral storage that should appear in the next browser update.

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