Sides flare after start



since yesterday, after a reboot of my Laptop (win10x64), Brave is not usable. each side flares after startup, the url-bar shows “about:error”.

I recorded the Desktop.

anyone else has this problem?



Do you remember if you installed the Windows Update?

I feel someone has reported the issue on somewhere.


is it a specific update you are talking about?

the last update was on 15/12/16 and Windows tells me, that it’s up to date.


@bod This might sound dumb but have you tried restarting the machine. I had the same problem and a system reboot fixed the issue. Several other users also reported system reboot fixed the problem here


Thanks, but i already tried a reboot several times. None of the following steps helped.

  1. brave reboot
  2. complete system reboot
  3. closing brave, killing all left processes if available, reboot
  4. new installation of brave

But: Somehow, brave is working again since this morning, although i did not do anything since my last post.

So maybe, a simple reboot is the solution in general. In my case, reboot several times is another.

Thanks for your help!

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