Sidebar wrong icon colors

Hello i realise that the icons from sites i put in the sidebar, the color of them are wrong
Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 9.46.45 AM

Hello @jey, thank you for contacting us. Have you updated to the latest version? What device and OS do you use? Have you tried deleting cookies and cache recently? Are you using any extension? Does the same happen in a private window? In case the outcome is the same try disabling the following:

Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Let us know if that helps. Have a nice day!

i disable the hardware accelaration , nothing happened . i am on the last version on Monterey version 12.6.3 (21G419)

Thanks the supporting

A workaround for me has been removing them and re adding.

I’ve seen this, too. Clicking on them usually gets them to change to the correct color but it is strange.

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That would be great if they can sync with other browsers .

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