Sidebar should open in a side panel

I love Brave. I also love sidebars for my most frequently used sites.

But the Brave sidebar implementation is kind of useless to me, and likely to many others, because if I am on a page and click on a sidebar item (say, because I go a notification), it will load over the tab I am currently using.

IMO, this is a pretty poor UX, as the sidebar is often used as a quick look at something before returning to whatever my main task is within the browser. The new Edge has implemented the sidebar correctly, with a resizable panel and it remembers each individual panel’s width. The icons are not dragable so that one can rearrange them, but perhaps Brave can one-up Edge on the sidebar front.

Unfortunately, I tried the sidebar when it first appeared, and the rude taking over my current tab made me turn it off. Please revisit it!

Thank you!

I just tried the Sidebar again, and since I have my sidebar items as pinned tabs, clicking on the sidebar item opens the corresponding pinned tab. Redundant, but at least it kind of tries.

The crazy part is that if I click on another sidebar item right after, it will load and overwrite the same pinned tab with the data from the second sidebar item.

This is really, really bad UX. Please make the sidebar function, or it’s useless as is.

In my case, the Sidebar is very useful, since I use it daily, although I prefer it to work more like in Opera and Yandex, I have no problem with it working as it does.

If you want the pages that have anchored in the Sidebar does not overwrite the tab in which they are, simply press Ctrl + Click (on the anchored page), and problem solved. It also works with Ctrl + Shift + Click, so that it opens the anchored tab, and it opens and they are in it instantly.

I hope it has served him, and that it alleviates something its nuisance.

I think this is a nice feature to have. Back when I used Vivaldi, I was glad to have the ability to pin certain sites to the sidebar and have them open in a small overlay. It is particularly useful for web apps like Todoist or ChatGPT.

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I agree that it any sidebar link should open in the sidebar! If it opens in the main window, it’s just a 2nd location for bookmarks. Right now, it appears the sidebar area is dedicated for links that are already opened and you want to re-open at a future time. For that, I can leave the tab open. I just installed Brave and my prior browser’s sidebar was far more useful because it opened in the sidebar.


I would like to use ChatGPT with this feature.
It’s very useful.

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