Sidebar Bookmarks to open their own "Panel" instead of redirecting the current tab

Hello, I enjoy how I’m able to save links to the sidebar, but when I click on them, they currently steal the focus of the current tab and redirect to that site.

My request is to add a “panel” that opens, sharing the space with the current tab so that you can view that site next to the site you’re currently viewing. The Floorp browser (based on Firefox) currently has this feature, and I think this would be a feature that most, if not all users would like. Especially for sites that you may just want to open briefly to check something (such as X, or a forum or blog, etc) while still retaining your present workflow.

Having the option to switch on/off the feature, adjust the default width of the sidebar panel, etc would be enhancements to this feature.

See below, a screenshot of how this currently works in the Floorp browser.

Kind of surprised this hasn’t gotten more traction. Without more functionality (aside from Leo), the sidebar is just another bookmark toolbar. It’s just repetitive to what the existing bookmarks toolbar currently offers. I don’t understand the point of it then.