Shows ads, freezes up (1 star review)

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Description of the issue:

Recently (within the last month) i began to experience freezing up when I was navigating through my common news site., when i use the brave browser on my android device. I will follow a link from’s main page, then navigate using the back button to go back to the main page. The app will freeze up and not allow me to navigate after hitting the back button for at least a second every time. Further, video ads are constantly trying to load and are oftentimes successful. It also take a lot of time to load the main page (used to be instantaneous which is why I liked Brave so much. Something is not right

ALSO, lately, I will accept an ad that has been presented to me but when i try to accept it, it will disappear.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. go to
    2.follow a new link
  2. hit the back button
    wait, be annoyed

Expected result:
instantaneous navigation through sites

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Galaxy S9

Additional Information:
I loved this browser until this issue. Please fix and I’d be happy to provide a 5 start review.

Hi @klaverdi,
Where you seeing these video ads?
Also, can you try clearing your browsing data and see if that effects performance?

Aaron- most of my browsing starts at for news. When I go to the site, then begin to navigate around (following article links etc.), is when it starts. Ads will show, in fact almost every link I follow seems to initiate some video ad, and as I scroll down, the page refuses to load.

I’ll try the clearing of history and caches, but the brave browser is pretty much unusable right now.

I use a galaxy s9, but I also have an ipad which doesn’t seem to have the same issues

You can see the site doesn’t load

Can you share with me the Shield settings?

When I looked at the setting, the “block scripts” was off. I’ve looked at the settings a few times and for some reason that setting keeps switching off

Are you able to get yahoo to load?

Not fully no, when I first go to the site, what I can see on my phone will load , but as I navigate down the page, it shows just the title of the article, but no image. And as I continue to navigate down, not even the title of the article will load

Can you reset you Shield settings to default and try reloading the page?
Can you also try clearing your browsing data and history?

I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems fo work fine with the exception that I lost all my BAT.

As for your suggestions, no I cant. Waiting 6 days for customer support to respond is a joke so your support is no longer welcome.

I will give the browser a second chance because I believe in it. But if it starts again up again I will delete it.

Turn off block scripts next time it just disable javascript which is used on most web pages.

Leave me alone.

Does anyone at Brave have any sense of customer service? I work in the field, next time start with “hello” or any sort of pleasentries but no, you bark orders at me through email. Neither you or Aaron have any sense of customer service, and you took too long to respond as well.

Just deleted the browser so leave me alone.

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