Showing channel as "release" but keep getting updates for dev previews


As of today (at 8:45PM EST) , the most recent version of Brave in the release channel is 0.19.116. Previoiusly, I setup Brave to download preview releases but after a certain version the feature was turned off. Now, even though Brave is setup to download “Release” versions (it says it in About:Brave that my channel is “Release”) it still continues to download preview versions.

This is what my about: Brave screen shows:

Brave 0.19.121
rev 9e8ffc4
Muon 4.5.31
libchromiumcontent 63.0.3239.108
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release

As you can see, it just downloaded 0.19.121, which is not a release version. I’m assuming this is bug, but probably not a big one that may never get fixed due to the small number of users impacted.

Going forward, how can I make sure to force Brave to stick to the true release channel? I believe the setting is now hidden somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.

Thank you!


Hi @murphy,

I’m not sure if it’s a bug. Since the latest stable is 0.19.121 which is released yesterday/today. See V0.19.121dev for laptop has been released!

But I’ll leave this thread open in case you face the issue again (re:get preview release instead of stable release).



Hi @murphy,

As @eljuno mentioned above, 0.19.121 is a release version which included an upgrade to Chromium 63.0.3239.108. You can take a look at the milestone here.

Another good way of checking to see if a version is a release or pre-release is by taking a look at the release page here. You’ll notice that 0.19.121 has a Latest Release tag as the example below:

If you scroll down, you’ll notice that some builds are marked as Pre-Release.

Going forward, how can I make sure to force Brave to stick to the true release channel? I believe the setting is now hidden somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.

Update to Preview was removed under which has a great explanation behind the reasoning.


Thanks @kamil and @eljuno! When I updated, the “Latest Release” was not set to the version I downloaded. Is it possible Github was delayed in displaying the Latest Release? Not sure if Github has to show the latest release before Brave downloads it, or that’s just usually done in sync with the latest release but completely separate.


Hi @murphy,

Yup, it’s entirely possible that you received the update before we could update the GitHub page and mark the build as Latest Release. We’ve changed our release process and will now be changing the GitHub page before pushing a build into production.


Awesome, thanks @kamil!


@kamil - Just got a notification to update to .133 today and I updated. I just received a notification in my browser to update to Brave 0.19.134. Neither are showing as released in Github.


Hi @murphy

0.19.134 is marked as Latest release within the GitHub page. Before pushing 0.19.134 into production, the page was updated so that 0.19.134 appears as Latest release. Please let me know if you’re not seeing this.



Hi @kamil
I’m Not seeing that.

New Brave user on El capitan. Old Imac

I’m being offered the latest update via the browser, Brave 0.19.134.

I’ve tried about 5 times but It wont update. On checking “about Brave” the version remains the same, |Brave|0.19.131| .

About a minute later the browser downloads the update again… “requires a quick relaunch”.

Not seeing Brave 0.19.134. under latest release. Can I download the update as a pkg file and update manually? Or via terminal?



edit: Oops… now I am via your git hub link. Downloading the dmg. Thanks.


Hi @Uncle,

Did you end up updating via the .dmg from the GitHub page? Would you be able to provide us with your updateLog.log file that’s located under ~/Library/Application\ Support/brave/? Please let me know if you run into any more updating issues.


Hi @kamil

yes I successfully updated from within a standard account using the .dmg.

This is a bit after the fact but the contents of updateLog.log is 26 pages and well past the character limit and the link limit for a new user. Upload only accepts image files so I’m uploading the last page or so. I scanned through the log and there is mostly repetition.

Let me know if there is a more appropriate way of sharing files.


Hi @kamil,

It seems it happened to me too. Yesterday got notification update to 0.21.19 and today I received notification update to 0.21.20 although on GitHub, both versions is tagged as pre-release.

And since I’m not see your post on this forum about new release (the latest one is for 0.21.18), I assumed it’s not intended?


Hi @eljuno,

We released 0.21.19 on Friday afternoon but realized that mouse pointer has regressed within 2-3 minutes of pushing the release. Only a small percentage of the user base was updated. However, because we reverted the release and reinstated 0.21.18 as the latest build, users that were on 0.21.19 were technically on a preview build. Because those users were now on a preview build, they received updates like 0.21.20.

Now that 0.21.24 was released yesterday, those users shouldn’t be receiving anymore preview updates unless they use the BRAVE_ENABLE_PREVIEW_UPDATES environmental variable.


Thanks for clarifying @kamil! Already got my 0.21.24 :slight_smile:

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