Show Tab Preview on Hover Vs. AutoPlay



Hover over tab for Preview can cause mass AutoPlay.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open several videos in new tabs. (youtube)
  2. Crossed tabs with mouse to click desired tab.
  3. Any tab the mouse crossed was in AutoPlay.

Actual result:
Show tab preview on Hover causes youtube videos to autoplay.
I opened a list of videos and then swiped the mouse across those tabs, suddenly I had all videos playing at once.

Expected result:
No autoplay. Not a fan of the hover preview anyway. Turned off the setting after this happened.

Reproduces how often:
What percentage of the time does it reproduce? 100%

Brave Version


Additional Information

Watched Brendan’s interview with boxmining. Looking forward to everything that’s coming.


This only happens if the tab is not loaded. If the page is loaded and video paused, it doesn’t autoplay. I think this is by design to load the page to show preview hence the autoplay when hover. You can disabled autoplay in settings so that even if you hover it doesn’t auto play the video

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