Show all pending contributions

had been delayed for two months and I didn’t get it.

there said:
You have designated 119.4 BAT for creators who have not yet registered to receive contributions. Your browser will continue to try to contribute until they verify, or until 90 days have passed.

but I never get it for two months.

Huh? I am sorry? Please can you be clearer

it’s been 2 months I haven’t received my token.

Pada tanggal Sab, 14 Sep 2019 pukul 05.19 Onakunle dipo :nigeria: via Brave Community menulis:

@eljuno please take over

whether the delayed token will go to my account.

Thanks @Dgenies. Apologies for late response @iqbalmahdaly.

First, that’s not how you earn rewards (BAT). Brave Rewards is consist of two features:

  • Auto-contribute and Tipping – a feature that allow Brave users to support publisher and creators,
  • and Brave Ads – a feature that allow Brave users to earn BAT; available for supported countries. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

More and

And those message mean:
Some sites in your auto-contribute list is not yet verify their property so Brave will try to process the contribution for the next 90 days.

You can click “show all pending contributions” to see which sites/channels that not yet verified. You also can delete those sites from the “pending list” – to “remove” the message.

Let me know if it’s still unclear. :slight_smile:

how is the verification, whereas the site belongs to someone else not mine.
I just opened the site.
and read their article.

and I tried verification but couldn’t.

Pada tanggal Rab, 18 Sep 2019 pukul 04.41 AFK until 23/09 via Brave Community menulis:

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