Should smooth scrolling be enabled by default?


This post is to discuss if smooth scrolling should be enabled by default or not.

I personally did not take care so much about enabling it by default. What would you think? Do you know if smooth scrolling is a standard feature among browsers or do you happen to know that there are critical issues on certain platforms?

Let’s discuss :smile:


Haha…am I really the first taker on this topic? OK, I am investigating this option right now because Brave really feels sluggish on every computer in my household. Granted, most of us are running on Core 2 duo machines, but when we use Firefox, we get decent performance if we disable the smooth scrolling feature. When smooth scrolling is enabled, it makes scrolling through web pages feel sluggish and unresponsive.

Right now, I get no indication that changing the smooth scrolling option on the Brave Advanced preferences makes any difference at all. Perhaps this is a bug that needs to be fixed in the Brave version I am currently running: 0.19.121

Anyway, I think there are larger issues than this with Brave. Even simple items like bringing up new tabs feels very sluggish, perhaps because Brave wants to load those gorgeous images every time I open a new tab, but the cost of loading them bogs down the user experience.

Would love to see optimizations in the end-user responsiveness for those of us running on lower-end, but not completely crummy hardware.


Absolutely should be enabled by default. I welcome the discussion, but this really should be a given.

There seems to be a growing trend in web development for “pushing the boundaries” and “doing things differently”, which is totally valid. However, there are limitations to that principle i.e. having a tab group is pushing the boundaries and is cool, hiding the menu bar by default and hiding the history is not. The same applies for default settings that are a standard for a clean introductory user experience.

Mirosoftc#$ks seem to be applying a similar misnomer to Win10, which is “you must enable OOTB functionality” rather than “disable what you don’t need”. A poor deployment concept.

I can’t recommend this browser to anyone yet because the first conversations I’m going to have, is a series of justifications and weird fixes i.e. press ctrl+Y to view your history. That is dumb. Put the menu bar back where it is on literally every other piece of GUI. Don’t follow Vivaldi with their multiple-menu madness.

Normal users don’t want to enable basic functionality, it is only ever power users that want to disable.

As much as I hate Steve Nobs, he had the right idea when it came to user extensibility and experience.

Anyway, that was a little bit of a rant. Happy Browsing!! :slight_smile: