Should default preview tab on mouse-over setting be off not, on?


After a period of annoyance I figured out how to turn it off from the helpful post here:

But I think the comment on that before it was closed, which went unaddressed, was right that the default for this setting should be to off.

I wouldn’t assume that my personal preference should be controlling or those of a handful of others. Especially since I’m clearly in the demographic that will take the time to figure out and change things.

However this having already been brought up, I’d think it would be worth determining which default most users in general prefer and switching if to off by default if more users, especially less technical and community engaged users are likely to start and continue using Brave with it off.

More technical and engaged folks may come here or browse the Preferences and tweak the settings themselves. If an average user trying this out would stop using it because it is annoying and they don’t have the time or understanding to find where to change it, that can hurt adoption. People’s perceptions and expectations matter.

Hopefully you have analytics or a way to proceed that let you make an empirical decision about what users prefer.


I’ll note that I have the same feeling, and the person at the end of this thread does too about another default. That is Preferences > Bookmarks Bar defaulting to Text only rather than Text and Favicons.

I’m just mentioning this here right now as I’m new here and don’t want to spam with topics. Maybe these two and any other notable defaults that lots of folks have different feelings about would be worth:

A) Investigating the best default setting. That which would best meet the most user needs and expectations, particularly among users unlikely to do any customization to either take the browser or leave it

B) Whatever the decision ends up, whether the defaults do change or do not, there should probably be some sort of very friendly to find documentation walking customers through such customizations if they want to make them, highlighting the most common things for people to want to change.

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