Should brave release a light version without all the bloat?

It’s literally one addon called ublock, which does it better and the forgetful browsing and script control per site are standard chromium features

why are they in menu than

Yeah man bloat like this convinced me. I have since uninstalled brave and installed ungoogled chromium instead, which is same, but it doesn’t add anything. Several addons and you essentially have brave, minus the bloat you don’t want.

Yeah it is probably because you use apple products. Only an apple user would be against complaing about the default and bloated experience because your entire OS (and probably phone user experience too) is dictated by one company. This is a Wendys sir. You are literally on a forum whose purpose is to talk about issues or suggestions about this product. :man_facepalming:

engaging in features they don’t have to use.

The extensions discussed aren’t a part of chromium, they were added on by brave devs. Users who don’t use these features, shouldn’t be forced to have them anyway. They should be removable at very least.

I get that you are happy with Brave the way it is, good for you? Accept that some of us just aren’t happy about spending 30 mins in settings, turning off most bloat and still have it in menu, and it cannot be removed from there. Theres no need for you to spam the thread and downplay the issue while calling op lazy and making ridiculous assumptions. Just go and enjoy the browser.

If Brave wasn’t FREE, perhaps OP would have more of a case, but it IS and my point stands. They don’t have to engage the extra features, if they don’t want to. Brave makes it VERY easy to turn them off in Settings & keep it moving. You get what you DON’T pay for.

EVERY onboarding experience comes with set up time: new jobs, new accounts, new technology, new furniture, new residence, new travel, etc. Cantankerous complaints about acclimating to something new is short-sided & completely misses the point.

Again, adjusting settings in Brave is pretty seamless. It also allows the user time to discover what Brave offers beyond the search bar itself. Avoiding that is akin to wanting to eat without knowing what is in your food.

Let’s not lose the plot here. These features are all about metrics for increasing user engagement & gathering data to justify further investment in the platform. That’s the world we live in now. EVERYTHING is about patterning & quantifying user experience via time & attention paid. You must continually justify cost and the allocation of resources especially when offered for free.

I mentioned having MacOS because the Brave user experience has been easier & much more seamless. So many threads here are about issues from users with Windows/Android who do the following:

  1. Constantly tinker with their computers and over-customize with all the extensions THEY add.
  2. Use the optional features to try & make easy money.

I do neither & don’t have those issues.

I thought it might be worth explaining the reasons for creating this post in the first place, I think brave is a very good browser and very underrated in terms of its features and I want brave to do well and for more users to try it. I have recommended brave over and over again both to my friends and family as well as my colleagues and people I interact with online.

And honestly the feedback I have from these recommendations is almost always negative and so I thought it was worth raising this issue for discussion…

Whether you like vanilla chrome or not you can’t argue its simple, easy to use and doesn’t overwhelm the user with features and thats why its the most popular browser, and brave has carved a nice niche just on its privacy protecting features alone so my point is when people give me such negative feedback about Brave this should be cause for concern and people have rightly stated their feedback in regards to this.

We all know user adoption is the number 1 way of increasing funding for this project but brave does have a problem thats limiting its adoption and light browser was my idea to help the browser grow.

People are Getting it wrong, Releasing a Lite version and only adding Shields updates and Major Chromium backend updates for the Lite Version is Easier as Compared to the Current Stable version and constantly adding more new features which includes several hours of coding and Testing…

For Brave Software Inc, its about Mindset, not difficulty/ability to do it because they could do it if they wanted it but the truth is they don’t wanted to appear as a Luddite. Brave Lite is not hard to bring it to Life but while they don’t want to be different and it is not going to bring Profits, They won’t Release it.

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Brave is for people for whom privacy is paramount. Other browsers are for people who don’t care either way. Enough with your backdoor promo for Chrome. If you love it so much go use it exclusively & leave. No one cares.

“the feedback I have from these recommendations is almost always negative”

And there we have it. As I suggested earlier, you’re clearly engaging in attention-seeking behavior. As such, I will make sure to ignore your illegitimate posts and recommend others do the same.

“We all know…” “brave does have a problem…”

Don’t assume anything on behalf of any of us with your free-wheeling conjecture. You lack the access & depth of knowledge to make informed statements commenting on the company’s internal goals, time frames, or metrics.

Your true intentions & ignorance have surfaced the more you run your mouth. Good riddance.

I mean wow, are you ok?

Not everyone is out to get you, and not everyone has secret agendas!!!

Just take a breath and relax…

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Are YOU okay? You’re the one seeking attention by posting about Chrome on a platform for Brave. You got fully clocked and called out for your antics. That’s all there is to it. If you want to stir up nonsensical drama, go elsewhere to live your reality tv fantasy of perpetual arrested development.

It does not sound like you are OK, perhaps talk to someone mental health is really important

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Again, you tried it.

Go study the DSM-V, write grant proposals, and do Psych research cleared through an IRB -I already have-before attempting to invoke such claims in a flippant fashion.

Again, your ignorance steps to the forefront.

Locked topic as conversation is degrading. @Mattches may reopen later, but at least needed to put a pause on things here for the moment.