Shortcut to open playlist feature from iPhone homescreen

I love the playlist feature and it’s a faff having to open brave then navigate to launch the playlist feature. I’d like a Home Screen shortcut that I can tap once to launch playlist please. Thank you.

I know I’m months late, but if anyone wants this you can create a siri shortcut.

In Brave browser go to:
Settings/Siri shortcuts

Find and tap “Open playlist”.
In shortcuts window that pops choose “Edit in shortcuts”.

Once in shortcats app “Open playlist” action will be at the top. At the bottom search for “Open App” action, tap it and choose Brave browser (blue “App” next to Open).

If “Open Brave” action is not at the top of actions drag it to the top.

Tap the small down arrow next to “Open Playlist” title at the top.

Tap Add to home screen, you can than rename the shortcut, choose icon, and add it to homescreen.

Go back to Shortcuts app and tap Done at the top right corner.

You now have a shortcut on the home screen that opens Brave Playlist.