Shortcut for "Add tab to this group"

Hey guys - Small (hopefully easy to pull off) feature request here:

Please consider adding a shortcut for the “Add tab to this group” function, or the “new tab to right” function

Here’s why:

This will allow users to easily open a new tab inside of the group that they are already working in, rather than the tab appearing at the right-most side, outside of the group. As it is now, any new tabs you create using the Ctrl-t shortcut will pop-up outside of any group, which leaves you with a bunch of orphaned tabs that originated from any number of groups, which will need to be organized or closed down the line.

The purpose (as I see it) of grouped tabs, is to help you stay organized, or to separate the kinds of work you need to do. Not having this shortcut kind of inhibits the efficacy of the groups, because your new tabs quickly become disorganized, unless your willing to manually open those tabs by right-clicking and adding to the group. Keyboard shortcuts help us keep those fingers on the keys!

The functionality (add tab to this group) already exists, so I’m just hoping we can add the shortcut to make it practical to actually use. Alternatively, if you’d rather not add a new shortcut for this, it might be worth considering just adjusting Ctrl-t functionality to open a tab on the right-most part of your CURRENT group, rather than the absolute right-most, of all groups. I can’t see any downside to this route, either.

Thanks for considering!!!


Something like ctrl + alt + t would be nice and intuitive IMO.


I don’t understand why this has not been addressed yet. This is so basic feature to have.

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