Shortcut command and swedish keyboard layout


On the Swedish keyboard layout, Alt Gr + 2 and Ctrl + Alt + 2 are used to make @. In brave it opens a new tab and focus to it every time I type my email adress in… it’s a tad annoying. :slight_smile:

How do I disable this keyboard shortcut?



There may be a somewhat technical way to do it, by editing files inside the app.asar file, similar to this: but as far as I know there’s no user-friendly way to change the shortcuts within Brave yet; a lot of people do want that feature (github thread here:


Okay, I’ll try that.
Hopefully it’s added so you can change the shortcuts easily soon.
Thank you for your quick reply!! :smiley:


Hi @Hoogin,

It’s a known issue. The fix will available on next release if not changed.
Thanks for reporting.

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