Shopify Login submission just refreshing the page


I’m unable to log in to my Shopify dashboard, which is essential for my work. I unfortunately have to open Chrome to open it.

When trying to submit my log in, it just refreshes the page.

I have turned off all shields for this site to no avail.


I’m having an issue logging in to shopify using dashlane. But I cant actually click in to the login form and enter the user/pass too - the whole page doesn’t let me click in to it. Have to use chrome to login to shopify which I use constantly and it is very annoying. Whats happening here?


I had the same issue and gave up on Brave for a while. Then I came back and was able to log in for a few days with no problem!

Now, I’m having the same issue again!! Very frustrating


The good folks at Shopify got back to me about this one. Apparently the following needs to be added to the form:

<input type="hidden" name="return_to" value="**destination**" />


@evanburck, @misscourtenay, @GIB_IV

Are you still experiencing the same issue after updating to the most recent release? It would be v0.24.0 at the time of writing this reply.