Shields shouldn't determine if javascript is disabled/enabled

I have Brave shields disabled when testing web projects locally. When testing javascript, I’ll bring up devtools via shortcut keys using cmd+option+i, then type cmd+shift+p, enter “disable javascript”. Then, refresh the same window, where I’d expect Javascript would be disabled. The yellow badge on top of Sources tab is an indicator Javascript should now be disabled just like it is in Chrome. However, it seems javascript is still enabled!

In order to temporarily disable javascript using the instructions I just explained, Brave Shields must be enabled!? This doesn’t make much sense. Enabling or disabling Shields should not correspond to testing in devtools. I purposely want Shields disabled during development so nothing is being blocked – so I can test without restriction. For example, if Brave Shields should be enabled during development, I can’t test cookies or other marketing scripts.

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.42.88

Additional Information: MacOS 12.5

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