Shields panel inaccessible when many trackers are blocked



I’m using Slack at work, and I have always wondered why I have an absurd amount of blocked trackers on the new tab page until I noticed that almost all of it comes from Slack. After starting Slack it’s pretty quiet, but after a while things go nuts. When this happens, the Brave shields panel becomes inaccessible, likely because there are thousands of entries in the list box that shows blocked ads and trackers. The blocked URL that repeats over and over is “…”. I’m not sure if this an error at Slack’s end due to the blocked calls or if it is a third party cookie issue, but I figured I would mention it anyway.

The Slack services still run fine, so the main issue in Brave is just the non-functional shields popup dialog. (It won’t open anymore, it’s just a white square, followed by a white rectangle) Maybe you could keep a maximum number of entries in the blocked list, and just purge the oldest one when a new entry is added?

EDIT: Changed the title and labeled as a bug due to the inaccessible shields dialog.

Brave version: Version 0.60.5 Chromium: 72.0.3626.28 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
Operating system: Windows 7 Professional, SP1


@btlechowski could you try to reproduce this on your Windows 7 machine? I don’t see any issues with Slack on Linux. Works just fine


Slack works for me on Windows 7. I will try to think of scenario with many trackers.


I’m also unable to reproduce this - Slack works well for me with Brave on Linux (tested using Ubuntu), macOS and Windows 7 (and 10).


Found the culprit - it was uBlock Origin (which I use purely for cosmetic DOM filtering) that caused the extensive blocks. I disabled it for, and now everything looks much better. Sorry, I should have checked the extensions more carefully before reporting. :blush: