Shields (or something) blurring images

I have latest version of Brave installed on 2 Windows 10 machines. Everything is fine on the Dell 8930. However, on my Dell XPS laptop, some weird things, lately. Basically, pictures on web sites are blurred out. Using CNN as an example, will go to an article, especially articles that seem to focus on embedded images (like ships from around the world, new aircraft seat designs, ,.l), the images on the Dell laptop are blurred out. Both the global shield settings and the site specific settings are identical to each and to the settings on the 8930 (which does not have this issue). Script blocking is not turned on.

But to make things even more confusing, if I send a link to the site to myself, and then click on the link from the email, the site displays properly. If I compare the shields action on the two instances, on the working version (from the clicked link), there are 42 blocked trackers and ads, but on the funky version, there are no blocked trackers and ads. If I turn shields off on the funky version, I still get the blurred image after the site reloads. While if I click on the link from the email, it works properly, if I just paste the copied link into a new tab, still get blurred images.

I tried reinstalling Brave on the laptop; I still get the same blurred images. And as noted, this does not happen on every CNN page, but pages that seem to be more image heavy. Similar results happen on other web sites, but thought I would focus on CNN as it is a very common site. And just to emphasize, scripts are not blocked either globally or for the site.


go to brave://settings/system and try to disable hardware acceleration and see if it help