SHIELDS: Managing AdBlock Settings - Additional Filter Lists


SHIELDS: Managing AdBlock Settings - Additional Filter Lists.

I am setting up security, and under “Security” Ad Control I have AdBlock turned ON.

When I go to “Manage AdBlock Settings” it displays a list of filters. What I cannot determine is that when I turn a list on, and excluding the members from AdBlocking, or am I including the members from each list to the blocking shield?

It seems logical it could work either way round as on the previous page AdBlock can be on or off.

Does anyone have a clear explanation as to how this functions?

Thanks for your time.
Kind regards, Ben.


It is additive.
As I read it i the adBlock.js file comment:
* Adds an additional adblock resource to download and initialize
So adding another country list (or your own/others at the bottom) you are adding to the core AdBlock list.

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