Shield up logins

I make comments on some newspaper site & others but signing in seems to make a comment seems blocked or produces the slow wheel of death. what settings do i need to change & how so that i am still safe.

@BobMuk Can you please provide the newspaper website where the comment section is blocked. Comments might be blocked due to cookies, can you select All cookies allowed option in shield and try again. Revert back if it doesn’t work.


I use mainly, UK newspapers, Daily Mail & Daily Express,

I have had a similar problem with Eventbrite ticket claim not allowing changes & freezing. Brave will ask me to exit & re-load, which means i have to enter the data again, not the end of the world, but inconvenient

On the Whole I’m loving Brave. its much quicker than Chrome or Safari ( I have a Mac Mini i5 2.4 2001 with 8GB ram & 250 SSD)

Blessings! BobM

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