Shield are not working anymore

The shield was working perfectly for the past few weeks until today on this website A lot of pop up ads start to appear even tho it’s under aggressive blocking, please fix this issue ASAP, thank you.

@fanboynz I can confirm lots of crap slips through on that one when tested from my Windows using Brave 1.41.100. Also using Fanboy Annoyance, uBlock Annoyance.

@vaski Just so you know, sites like that are more difficult to handle. They are always changing things around where it’s tough to keep up. Free/illegal sites are always the roughest to navigate around and tend to flood your device with trackers, malware, or viruses. I would look for an alternative site if I were you, but I’m sure Fanboynz will look into it and do what he can.

I’m seeing where you put in a lot of details and I may have to check later, but what I really want to inquire on is if you’re saying your uBlock was able to block it? Because when I went to that same link provided in Chrome, where I had uBlock installed, ads still popped up and all.

So I guess I’m kind of curious about that difference, if you’re saying yours blocked but mine didn’t.


I can confirm that Brave Adblock in not blocking ads, not only on this site but also on Youtube, sports streaming sites, and others; Many fellow Brave users complained about this issue. I this this began right after the last update.
Note: I have to enable uBlock,; It does the job.

Interesting, whereas I have absolutely no ads or issues on YouTube. Not sure about other sites you’re mentioning. But everything has been good, especially on desktop. I know you’re usually on things @CerealLover but let me ask out of curiosity, had you tried recently to Clear site and shield settings from brave://settings/privacy?

I do recall a little while back someone who had issues with YouTube and once they cleared that, it went back to working properly. Otherwise, I know Fanboynz usually suggest the below:

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For Youtube, I realised that Brave shield was disabled! Works fine now, whithout uBlock.

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That sounds complicated so what is ublock?

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