Sheilds Up is a Waste

I started using the Brave browser to stop having my browsing data collected by websites such as Facebook. However, Facebook will not work if the shields are up. Brave recommends taking the shields down if the website appears broken. What’s the point of using Brave then? It’s better to purchase a VPN.

Hi @Hello2

Because of Shields (Site-trackers, cookies, fingerprinting, referrers). No other browser comes close to privacy aspects to Brave. The downside of this, of course some sites can be problematic. Disabling shields (or parts of…) should be a temp option (and only applying to that site only), until we can roll out a fix or report a fault.

Reporting problematic sites helps the community, so we can get investigate the issue. If privacy is a concern for you, use Brave with Shields enabled is ideal.

Btw, a VPN doesn’t improve your privacy, it just masks your ip address/country. Cookies, trackers, fingerprinting and referrers will still occur even in a VPN.

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If you use a VPN, and you log on to your account with Facebook, Facebook still “knows who you are”.

Cookies (etc) are still used to track your online use. A VPN does not stop a cookie from being transferred, or anonymize it. And any search history is still associated to your identity.

I see. When do you think the fix will be in place?

What is the issue you’re having?

The browser won’t work on FaceBook. I have to disable Shields Up for it to work. But FaceBook is the site that I don’t want to have access to my data. I wish all of my friends and family would move to another platform. I think FaceBook is the devil. Thank you for caring enough to ask :slight_smile:

Which shield option is causing the issue? (just selectively disable each shield option)