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Hi, I have been using BRAVE for about a year now and I love it, but after the last update when I try to share to Facebook or Twitter the window will open but it will be blank You have to try it several times for it to post and when it posts the window does not automatically close, I really hope you can help me remedy this error, It is a pain in the butt LOL Thank you James Spradling


When I click on share to Twitter or Facebook The window will pop up blank so after a few try’s it shares the post But then it will not automatically close Before the last update it worked fine, I LOVE BRAVE but why do we keep fixing things that are not broke !


Thanks @Pcolabucfan for your feedback.

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I did start a new topic "Sharing facebook and twitter Well i guess you took care of the share windows not closing for a while but after the last update it started again FB and Twitter and google share windows will not automatically close

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