Sharing to Facebook locks up screen

Description of the issue:
After updating to latest version of brave it now locks up when sharing a link to Facebook
How can this issue be reproduced? Share with
2. Select Facebook icon, then Next and Share
3. Screen is black with “shared to Facebook” and locks up browser. Have to close the app and open it back up to continue

Expected result:
After showing “Shared to Facebook” it usually would go right back to the page I just shared
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.42 (
Mobile Device details
Ipad 14.0.1

Additional Information:
Has been working fine until I updated to most current brave version

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Nowadays that I can’t figure out what is what is this true or just garbage on the Internet I prefer you remove me from Facebook because I can’t stand us anymore so remove me please thank you God bless

I am having this problem sharing from any app… It’s maddening.

I have the same problem sharing anywhere. The screen locks up to a black page which says “Shared to Facebook”, etc. The only way to get rid of it is to close and reopen the app.

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I don’t think that the version of iOS has anything to do with it. I’m experiencing this in 15 and 16.

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