Sharing link for the application on different platforms

First of all, thanks for developing an alternative. Your browser seems good at first view. Reactions and responses are also good till now. Thanks to the developers and all your team.
But, one thing is missing. If are so sure about your product as you claim, there must be a sharing link option provided somewhere so that, if anyone finds it good after first use then, he/she may share your browser with other people on different platforms like WhatsApp etc. Maybe that people may get inspired or provoked to install and use this browser with that only message. Maybe that the message will prove a motivator for them in doing so.
In return, you may offer some type of award or reward; that’s your choice and decision. But, it will be good for your team as more and more people will start using your browser very fastly… Must be knowing the term " MARKETING".

@SRRULES referral program is available for creators. You’ll get 5 USD in BAT for each new “confirmed” user.

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