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i appreciate the brave team developers for making brave more lighter and useful to their users

My experience with rewards?

  1. It is still not very clear how rewards work.

It is clear that we can be rewarded a maximum of 20 feature images per day, 4 per hour. But why some feature images do not grant any reward the whole day? Why the same feature image grants rewards in some days, but not in other days? Some say it is because of the region. But then it should never grant any reward ever in that region. How it works is unclear.

Push notifications usually grant rewards. However, for those who have more than one device (in the same region) there is a big discrepancy between push notifications. Some devices get many, other devices get none. What is the policy? How are rewards distributed among devices. It is not clear, nor transparent how it works.

Brave News ads, may grant rewards. What are the limits? What is the criteria? Does a user have to click on the ad? Does the user have to scroll down more than 50%? It is not clear. Few times opening a News ad grants a reward, most of the times it doesn’t. Usually it does not display any ad in mobile, although it does in a tablet with same Android version.

  1. Rewards bugs. Too many and a lot of regression.

It is known that every month Brave is flooded with tickets due to issues in the rewards distribution or wallets. It is also known that Brave is doing their best to solve them, and has been generous by compensating users with extra rewards.
But it is confusing that basically every month new issues arise. Some issues are passed from month to month. And other issues reappear few months after they have been fixed.
It is also known that browser development is much ahead than the current stable version. Does that explain why there is some regression in already fixed bugs? Shouldn’t Brave hold new versions until an issue is fixed in all intermediate versions?

  1. Too ambitious project.

Brave developers have a vision. That is great. But their vision does not need to be implemented immediately. As the quote says “Rome was not built in one day.”
We have assisted to new features coming frequently. Brave News, Brave Talk, Brave Wallet, etc, etc.
But, is it wise to be so fast releasing new features when so many issues are raised by users and developers have no time to fix them?
I understand Brave is competing, they have a vision, they have a dream, they have other competitors jumping in. But, Google did not grow that fast. They started small and slow. They grew up slowly, but with quality in mind. Yes, they also had many issues during their journey. But they took the time to fix them and grow step by step.
My humble opinion. With the amount of issues Brave is facing at the moment, they should think about holding the development of new features and concentrate in fixing all open problems until they have a stable product. It is their image, and their future that is in risk.

Story is long. Time to finish. I like Brave browser. I use it as main browser due to the great privacy features. I want this project to be a success. But I am not satisfied with the rewards program, its glitches, reoccurrences, and slow support.



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