Shame! Reddit deletes the article on Brave and also prohibits you

A big request to the Brave team for help in resolving the issue.

I’ll tell you briefly about the situation that I encountered and probably many others Publishers.

Firstly, I want to thank the entire Brave team for their unique product.
I personally use the browser for 3 years. And your brainchild never ceases to amaze me.
I have been Publisher for a long time. And recently I encountered a very unpleasant situation.
In the next article about updating the browser that I posted on my Reddit page, the administration deleted it without explanation. And when I found out about this, I was perplexed. The attempt to contact the moderators was unsuccessful, and I began to conduct my investigation in order to find out the reason for the removal of the article. It turned out that any attempt to place a link to your resource provoked the removal of the article. And besides this, my amazing account was permanently deleted without any explanation. In another attempt to contact the support, it turned out that the direct link or referral link was considered as spam. What shocked me at all. Since previous publications have remained untouched. I am very embarrassed in this situation as I feel like a snitch. But this is really a big problem.
I hope for your support in this matter. Thank you in advance!

P.S If someone has encountered a similar problem, write what you did to solve it.

Hi @Magadan, thank you for writing in and for reporting your experience. I apologize for any inconvenience. This is something that we as moderators have also been experiencing for the past few weeks and are equally confounded by. We are actively investigating this issue and are trying to understand its underlying cause.

A couple of follow up questions that will help our case:
What link were you trying to post?
Which sub-reddit?

We will report any updates that we have in this thread! Thanks again for being a part of the Brave community.


I placed the link at the end of the article as always did. And I presented it to those who wanted to learn more about the product or to try it.
Sub-reddit was always under my nickname.

But once again I repeat that previous posts have not been deleted or marked in any way. Which caused a complete discouragement.