Shame, I thought you are different

It’s a shame.
I thought this browser is different .
I haven’t earn any Bat since two months apprx.
I have tried to contact you many times, but there was no response.
Shall I still hope I will earn Bat one day again or just leave this browser forever ?

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Which version do you use on which devise ?

I have just updated to this
Version 1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (x86_64)

on Macbook pro

Let’s see if ads come back then…

I have to assume this is being done on purpose since Brave does NOTHING to fix this. I still get rewards deleted every single day, usually deleting all of the points for that day and more. So I get 10 new points and then lose 20, get another 15 and lose 30. Every day.

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Yep. Unfortunately I agree…

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Hey @Joskaeejjjj !

Have you made a post detailing your issue before? Please provide as much information as you can about your issue.

When you say you are not earning BAT, do you mean that BAT is not going to Uphold or that you are not seeing Ads or that you are seeing Ads but your estimated earnings are not increasing or that your estimated earnings are not going to your Balance.

Please clarify exactly what you are experiencing.

Thank you!



yes, I I have posted my issue before.
I am not earning any Bat, not seeing any Ads.
Brave Rewards
0.000BAT0.00 USD
Estimated earnings so far this month
0.000BAT0.00 USD
The first couple of weeks when I started to use Brave browser I earned a bit of Bat what was transferred to my Uphold wallet, since than (two months) I haven’t earned anything.
I didn’t post because I want to talk badly about Brave.
I am complaining because in this community many of us have problems whit earnings and there is no solution /advice from your side.

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Hey @Joskaeejjjj

Can you link your original post?

Thank you.


@Joskaeejjjj I stopped receiving ads like a few months ago and I recently just started getting them again. It’s pretty random.

Replying to add that just today it has deleted over 30 cents usd, it has since added 7 and then deleted those 7. It NEVER STOPS. Like I said above, you’d have to be an idiot not to realize this must be on purpose because they apparently make no effort whatsoever to fix it.

did the pending rewards value lowered or just the USD equivalent?

I don’t know. I haven’t kept track of both numbers. I’ll check in future.

Did you check your Uphold account? My estimated pending rewards is not resetting, but I am still getting the proper amount of BAT each month from all the browsers on my multiple devices.

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I receive ads every day but never receive Bat.
This browser is full of bugs.

It happen the same for me, in two devices I have!

It happens for me in one of the two devices I have.
I asked the support for help, but they refused to help me.
I think this may have something to do with racism.

Now they say “BAT arriving in 1 day”
But I doubt if it will really come.
Because Brave Rewards never come.
Let’s see what will happen tomorrow.
Brave is such a lier!

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