Several problems with Brave Rewards on Android?


Description of the issue:
Brave Rewards are messed up in three ways on my Android device:

  1. There’s a long list of "claim rewards alerts on my mobile Brave Rewards page that reappear after I clear them
  2. My auto-contribute isn’t working even though it’s turned on, and the date of next contributions are stuck in the past
  3. May

How can this issue be reproduced?
For problem 1:

  1. Open “Brave Rewards” from the vertical dot menu and see this:

  1. If I tap “claim” for each one and revisit Brave rewards, I see the same thing

For problem 2:

  1. Open “Brave Rewards” from the vertical dot menu
  2. Go to “See details” for Auto-Contribute.
  3. See this (Date is stuck in September even though it’s currently December):

For problem 3:

  1. Tape the Brave rewards icon in the upper right by the ombibar
  2. See spinning circle that never resolves as shown below:

Expected result:

  1. That Brave Rewards claims stay cleared instead of reappearing
  2. That auto-contributions happen
  3. That Brave Rewards is properly set up

Brave Version( check About Brave ):

Mobile Device details
LG G8, Android 8


Try updating your Brave?

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