Several months that rewards are not received

up to now it’s some months that I cannot receive all rewards.
Each month I’m collecting BAT. At the end of the month not all the amount is really paied.
Now I have 6 bats still pending.
How can I solve this issue?
Please may you help me?

thank you

1 - Update Brave to the latest version.
2 - Keep your browser open for long periods of time.
3 - Wait until the end of July to allow reconciliation. Any roll over from previous months may be included in next month’s payment.


thank you.

  1. Browser is still updated to the latest version.

  2. I close browser only when receive an advice about update pending that requires a browser restart.

  3. It’s some months that I’m waiting reconciliation, but anyway I’ll wait also end of july.

Thanks a lot @ antonio.jose.rodrige

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