Settings UI/design clarity?

So I’m not certain that I’m posting this in the right space, but I didn’t want to file a bug report for a design concern. In the settings UI, the buttons for “allow social media” blah-blah are not terribly clear about which setting is what? White-ball-left, red-ball-right doesn’t precisely convey what is happening when you toggle them and there’s no descriptive text to show what white-vs-red means.

Seeing the descriptive text change when I toggle some of the other settings make me think that red-ball is “On” and I’m allowing these social media buttons/links when I don’t really want that.

Also (apologies for the tag-on), the Widevine option of “Ask when a site wants to install Widevine” … does disabling this simply mean that Widevine is installed without asking? Again, no descriptive text change when I toggle the button, so I’m not sure what result I get by clicking, etc.