Settings on mobile don't work


I just downloaded Brave on my mobile (huawei p20 pro) and after that is well on my laptop.

When i wanted to sinc them i did get the qr code on my laptop screen but not on my mobile.

when i open the brave ap on my mobile, click on the logo in the right upper corner and then click on settings it goes straigt to rewards. in the reward menu i don’t see a option to go to other settings or to sinc it.
How do i sinc my foon with my laptop then?

tanks in advance!

Are you trying to Sync you Rewards data, or use Brave Sync to sync your bookmarks across devices?

The same thing happened to me… I had to manually type in the all the 24 key words…
When i did the device was added…

But in my phone i had .10 BAT and in the laptop it said 0.00 BAT…

Dont know if the accumulated BAT shows in both devices… Or you can earn double rewards from 2 devices…

And me as well. :frowning:

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