'Settings' not loading. Blank screen

In an Incognito Tab with TOR, after clicking on the ‘customize and control’ button on the far right of the screen had no effect, I ran the ‘settings’ URL, which only opened a blank screen, as shown:

I was trying to find out why, with DuckDuckGo as my default search engine, my searches were defaulting instead to Startpage.com, which I’d used before switching to DDG.

Maybe the two issues — (1) why I can’t open Settings & (2) why Startpage is defaulting as my search engine — are related?

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At this time, there are no tor window specific settings, which is why the window won’t load. I believe we’re working on a menu for this which is not yet implemented – but the internal link may be in place (which is why you’re seeing something pop up when you go to settings in Tor window but no actual settings).

As for your DDG issue, if you go to Settings --> Search Engine, what do you see displayed as your default search engine?

Thanks. My settings show DDG. Previously I was using Startpage, but had changed recently.


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