Settings don't stick after clear browsing data

Some user preferences in settings are washed out after clear browsing data (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL)

Hello Community!

I’m struggling with some issues. I’m a Windows desktop user, currently using Brave along with Startpage as search engine. Startpage has its own settings, one of them is “open search in new tab” that comes marked as default value, and i unmark it because i don’t like managing a whole buch of opened tabs while browsing, i prefer the opposite.

But, every time i clear my browsing data, Startpage returns to native settings and i have to unmark the open search in new tab over and over again. It’s tiring. I then go to Brave settings and add Startpage to sites that can always use cookies. But than again, when browsing data is cleared, the sites added to exception (keep their cookies) are lost and washed out.

Any possible solution, anyone?

Thank you.

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