Settings changed, preventing me from adding shields websites, and protecting my system.

My devices have been compromised, I suspect stealth stalker, it’s similar to “parental controls”, but uses valid system files to monitor and damage equipment, on iPad I’ve found no viable AV scanners. But windows scanners don’t pick it up either. Anyway, I had one place to view emails, change passwords, search security issues without being watched, Brave. It’s every single day. I have 3 decades of IT security experience, this morning, my cell services were disabled on two devices. During that time my settings on Brave were all changed making it unusable. I tried to add my account (which was removed), it informed me I had too many users already. Deleted, reinstalled, still can’t change these settings back. It says go to preferences (where? It’s under many places, then security. Security only lists account and password changes. Is there a control panel and how do I access. It appears to take a long time to get a return email from support, and “email support” does not work either! Please.

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