Settings - Anonymous usage metrics


Pretty much appreciate if this option was off by default at least for paying users. It gets annoying over time having to turn it off everytime I log in.




Works fine on my side (Windows).

This is probably due to Brave search cookie not being saved.

Open brave://settings/cookies scroll down and paste this link:

Sorry, but I am not sure what either of you are talking about. I thought you were talking about the below and the pop-up that appears after you install but I don’t know what the search engine has to do with that. For my information, can you explain?


Edit: Talking about the Web Discovery Project?


In my case, I do not get either of these in Beta version. I enabled them at first, then exited the browser, then disabled them. If this is what you are talking about, that might work for you. I do not have anything allowed in cookies in Beta. Anyway, none of this information may apply… if not, please let me know what the heck this is about! Thank-you. :smiley:



I’m refering to an option you can find in the settings of brave search.

Screenshot from 2022-05-05 03-22-25

In the top-right corner, you can see an icon, click on it and then click on show more and there you can see the option cited in this thread.



That is the problem, I delete the cookies everytime I close the browser. That is why I’m asking for it being off by default.


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