Settings and Crypto backup!

I’m wondering if there is any way to safely backup your settings and history to be restored after a Windows re-install?

@ckasprzak Depends on your situation.

Unverified Rewards = Users facing a situation in which they have no custodial option and need to back up their current vBAT can manually copy-paste/back up their /brave-browser folder (at least on desktop), which will contain their vBAT at the time of manual backup. They can find a path to it in brave://version .

Verified Rewards = Your BAT will be safe within Uphold/Gemini and you have nothing to worry about.

As to Settings and all…your best bet is to have a Sync Chain going and that you make sure you have the same day’s sync code. Then as long as you selected to have Settings, Passwords, and everything else synced…it should add all of that to your new browser.

If you can’t do Sync for some reason, then you need to Export your Passwords and Bookmarks from brave://settings/passwords and brave://bookmarks/. If you try to just transfer the folder over, then your passwords may be encrypted and you’ll have lost the key due to you reformatting your device.

I’m worried about history too though! So when I re-add the device with the same name is there a way for that new device to take over the previous systems sync info?

Yeah, as long as the Sync chain was set up and you’re adding the device to it, you’ll get all the data that was on the sync chain.

In terms of history, you can sync a lot of it too. Just keep in mind the only history that gets synced are links you type in yourself. It won’t save History from clicking on links in searches or anything like that.

OK, I will try that on my next refresh!

That sucks that clicked on history isn’t included! Why not? Is there a plan to sync that too? I mean how many people actually type in the EXACT URL they are looking for? I’d probably say close to 0% times!

Haha, I feel you. I’ve shared the same thoughts with them. It’s something they are looking at for the future. I honestly can’t remember why they said it’s limited like that for now. Part of me wants to say it’s because History between devices can get pretty substantial and they can only store up to so much. I mean, normal History only stores about 90 days worth based on Chromium, which would have to primarily be worked on upstream by the Chromium team. Then I think it’s something like a maximum of 1,000 entries that can be stored in Synced History.

Assuming I’m remembering all that correctly, then that definitely has some real limitations. Not sure if it would be better to let us have full history but then possibly lose a lot of stuff because we exceed those 1,000 entries, if they should have it along the lines they do now where it’s looking specifically as what’s typed in, or what alternatives should be considered. One thing to keep in mind though is there’s a limit to resources available.

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