Setting "Use Google Services for Push Messaging" is disabled by default and Push Messaging doesn't work

In latest version of brave [Version 1.1.20 Chromium: 79.0.3945.74 (Official Build) (64-bit)] there is a setting “Settings” > “Privacy and security” > “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” and it’s disabled by default and push messaging does not work. If I enabled this setting then Push Messaging works fine. We can check it on following URL’s on Brave browser.

Is there any way to do push messaging without enabling “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” setting in Brave?
So that we can change my application to work without enabling this “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” setting as well.

It’s not correct for users to have to go into their browser settings and enable this setting for Push Messaging. This should be enabled by default as other browser don’t have any setting to enable Push messaging like Chrome, Firefox etc…

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