Setting suggestion/issue: Ignore pinned tabs for keyboard active tabs shortcut

The pinned tabs feature is useful. So is the Cmd+1-0 keyboard shortcut, to quickly jump to, as well as between active tabs.

However, there is a serious UI issue, which makes it that if you use keyboard shortcuts for tabs, you can’t use pinned tabs, because: when you have pinned tabs, using the keyboard shortcut also jumps to pinned tabs. For example, if you have say four pinned tabs—to go to your second active tab, you can’t press Cmd+2—no, you have to press Cmd+6.

(Not only that, but, you also you need to remember the number of pinned tabs that you have, and every time that you want to use the keyboard shortcut, you have to think of the number of pinned tabs that you have, and then do an addition to the active tab you want to jump to. Such as, having 3 pinned tabs, and wanting to jump to tab 4 = Cmd+7.)

So, because of this UI issue, you can’t use both features.

Would it be possible to add a setting “Ignore pinned tabs for tab keyboard shortcut”?