Setting duckduckgo as search engine

Description of the issue: My MacBookPro was updated last week. I re-installed Brave,

*I expected to get duckduckgo with Brave. I chose it as my search engine in the Settings - many times.
**Actual Result every time I wanted to use it, the shield symbol became grey, and the duckduckgo thingy in the search bar added some codes and nothing happened

*Reproduces how often: I have tried many times. NO JOY! I am forced to use Google to search for anything.

**MacBook Pro iOS Operating System and latest Brave Version

Can you please help me?

Hello @bradstow2

  1. could you go to ? does it work fine there
  2. could you disable all extension and open private window and try again
  3. if 2 work then clear your cache if you can then enable extension one by one tell you get the one that cause the issue

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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