Setting autocomplete in address bar and private product analytics throught registry keys

Hi everyone!

Description of the issue:

I am looking for two registry keys.

  • one for the " Show autocomplete in address bar " Brave parameter

  • one for the " Automatically send completely private product analytics to Brave " Brave parameter.

As far as I can tell, there are no such keys mentionned on the Chrome Entreprise policy list (feel free to prove me wrong).

Expected result:

I would like to have " Show autocomplete in address bar " locked and activated (so that the user can’t deactivate it manually)

Similarly, I wish to lock and disable "Automatically send completely private product analytics to Brave " (using a registry key to set this parameter once and for all).

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

In case no such keys have been created yet: is there any way around this problem? (other than simply setting the parameters manually and forbidding anyone from changing it!)


cc @mattches @sriram @clifton for assistance here

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Hi everybody!

Still looking for those two registry keys (or any other way to solve my issue).

Should I consider that there currently is no solution to my problems?

Apologies for late response @qguyonnet.
I forgot to give an update.

A request’s opened here

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