Set label of new 'Bookmark all tabs' subfolder to today's date (YYYY-MM-DD), instead of 'New Folder'

I suffer from severe tabitis and use the OneTab extension for occasional purges in order to free up my tab bar without losing any tabs. That extension has served me reasonably well, but it’s buggy and seemingly abandoned, so I’d like to switch over to simply bookmarking my tabs.

Currently the “Bookmark all tabs” buttons asks you where to store them and then stores all of them chronologically, including tab groups, in a subfolder titled ‘New folder’. Instead of the generic ‘New folder’ label it should use today’s date as the subfolder name, preferably in the ISO8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD) for easy sorting, but the date format could of course be an option.

My hunch is this behavior would complement a common use case (and not hurt others) of the “Bookmark all tabs” feature. If anything, ‘2023-07-10’ is more useful than, say, ‘New folder (3)’.

Semi-Related: when right-clicking the folder and choosing ‘Open all’, it should open the bookmarks in the order they were bookmarked and include any subfolders as tab-groups. So the exact inverse of ‘Bookmark all the tabs’. If that’s not possible, perhaps there should be a ‘Restore all bookmarks’ option? And perhaps the opened bookmarks should also not be loaded in memory immediately?

I would also like it. It would be really helpfull. I know it works on phone, but on web it doesnt work