SessionBuddy extension (or similar functionality)


Save all your open tabs as a named set - and have an entire history of sets you can load up at will.

Lets you to use “a new tab” for the “Brave starts with” preference and have a fresh browser instance every “boot”. Then you can load up your last tabs or choose a saved off set from before or just have your empty new session to start anew.

If you are a power user (especially if you’re a dev that opens docs, tutorials, mdn, etc.) you’ll love this extension and not know how to live without it.


The extension has been issued and requested by many.


apologies, I did search for duplicates however I didn’t check the github issues. I had incorrectly assumed extension requests there had been ported over here so they could be managed and upvoted in one place.

also, your comment is somewhat ambiguous.
“…requested by many - OP please check all of the various locations of extension request before posting”.
“…requested by many - we should probably move this up in the queue as a result due to the obvious interest”

FWIW I just searched github issues for “session buddy” “sessionbuddy” “buddy” etc. and I’m not seeing anything?


Hi @zaleb,

the extension are already requested. It listed here:

Thank you, :slight_smile:


Don’t you think that SessionBuddy is more of a necessity similarly to the cryptographic password storing applications/extensions.

Firstly because it was one of the first extension requested by a lot of users, secondly, the extensions would have been beneficial from the beginning which the Brave team should have ascertained, one of them being that the current bookmarking feature isn’t appreciated by a lot of users (honestly not to sound disrespectful) efficient saving, storing, securing, managing and organising of websites, link, urls and bookmarks in general would been a great benefit to me personally because in the browser space where milliseconds are of great circumspect, literally minutes and seconds which are wasted on simply attempting to move the curser and changing each and every individual tab especially when you have dozens of tabs open just to check the star icon to bookmark can be taxing. Even more so taxing when you’re worried the browser is going to crash/freeze and you’ve got a dozen if not more tabs open and it eventually does crash.

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