Session Tabs - Why and How?


Hello Everyone. Many apologies if this a duplicate post, or if this is a hopeless, newbie question, but what are ‘Session Tabs’?…Why do they exist and how does one use them? So far I haven’t found any documentation or posts about them. Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @RealityBoost,

A session tab represents an entirely new user to the visited website. It have specific set of cookies and internals for that tab separate from the rest of the opened tabs.

For me, it help me to manage my social media accounts. In other browser, if I have two or more Twitter accounts, I need to login-logout manually to access all my accounts. But using session tabs, I can log in to my 1st account in normal tab, login to my 2nd account in session tab 1, and my third account in session tab 2. Use case of session tabs may be vary from user to user. :slight_smile:

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