Session Restore FAIL

Lost Session (tabs). A common and unfixed theme.

Without RELIABILITY, a product or service is nothing (e.g., I think I’ll go to the store today, nope, they’re closed; I think I need a security escort to my car, nope, no one around; I think I’d like to restore my browsing session after a restart, nope, no backup).

Like probably most, I chose to give Brave a shot based upon its security features. As a power user, with many windows and instances of Brave launched, I typically have hundreds of tabs open. Brave, for the most part, would restore these tabs on a crash and kill scenario. A couple of times it would not. Sad to say, this last time, will be the last time that I use Brave given: (1) the scope of work that was open and the importance of it, (2) the lack of competent responses to many, if not most or all of the postings by users with similar issues, and (3) the inability of “Cliff” the developer of the feature at Brave (apparently), or his successor, to remedy this. This is called a Fatal Flaw. It is SIMPLE to remedy, by the many suggestions offered by the various users (timed incremental backups, snapshots etc.).

To destroy browsing session history is a Sign of incompetence. Unacceptable.

Furthermore, the very few postings that mention the path to the session file, is not correct and doesn’t exist in Win 10. Go figure. Brave seems near totally silent on this topic.

I’d say “sad”, but it’s more pathetic. A little fore Dev. work could go a long way.

It is also, as verified, the current version:
[Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

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